Caffè Praha is an impression of the street cafes in Prague, Czech Republic, that brings you an experience dating back to the 1900s. We primarily serve freshly baked chimney cakes which are hollow cylinder shaped pastries.

Changing the narrative and how traditionally food is prepared, Caffe Praha introduced its inspired, savory signature Chimneys in the entre’s section.
Successfully launched the local face of a global brand of chimney’s, directly aligning with the taste of the local Pakistani audience and winning loyal customers through unique, flavorful taste.

Caffe Praha prides itself in providing the best experience for its customers.


You don’t need to have the technical knowledge to run a restaurant, but you must have natural leadership skills and the ability to roll up your sleeves and get involved.

We are looking for partners who are both entrepreneurs and investors with a track record of success as well as an excellent network of relationships in their local markets.

Becoming a Caffe Praha franchise partner involves a lot of commitment and hard work. It is, however, a fantastic opportunity to partner.
join the Caffe Praha family to share the love of work well done and the joy of offering our customers the very best quality products in a unique setting every day

Our major focus areas include:

1) Food experience

2) Service

3) Ambiance

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